Extra Small Records Logojordan and gailpatchbaygingersnap album coverThe Girls

Extra Small Records is an independent record label located in San Francisco, California. Established in 1999, extra small specializes in the development, production and distribution of all types of indie rock music from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. and beyond.

The label's raison d'être is the creation of records that otherwise might not get made or heard. A review of one record we put out stated that it was "clearly intended not to be marketable". While this is not true it hints at some core values. Extra Small is committed to the meek, the nerdy, the overtly intellectual, the sublimely creative, the outcast, the reject, the eccentric savant. The not quite anti-capatilist. Think Crass t-shirts.

1) XS-001 Young MarieHierarchy of Time/Cookie Jar7"$4.00
2) XS-002 The LollsJesus/I Don't Care7"$4.00
3) XS-003 The LollsCome OnCD$10.00
4) XS-004 Plan to PinkThe Spring Project/Lemon Fresh7"$4.00
5) XS-005 Plan to PinkDebutante BallCD$10.00
6) XS-006 The LollsGirlfriend/Think Of You7"$4.00
7) XS-007 Titty BankDaddy/Motorbike7"$4.00
8) XS-008 The Bright Grey WingICD$10.00
9) XS-009 Lily CedarSleeperCD$10.00
10) XS-010 Plan to PinkPress Your LuckCD$10.00
11) XS-011 The Bright Grey WingHomecomingCD$10.00
12) XS-012 GingersnapGingersnap7"$4.00
13) XS-013 The Patchy SkiesThey're Just Girls (CLEAR VINYL!!!)7" e.p.$4.00
14) XS-014 GingersnapLet the Accident Happen (CD/LP)CD/LP$10.00/$12.00
15) XS-015 Various Artists5th Anniversary Extra Small SamplerCD$5.00
16) XS-016 Lily CedarLily Cedar/Gingersnap 7"7"$4.00
17) XS-017 GingersnapLibrary Card 7"7"$4.00